Growing up with an older sister sets you up brilliantly for life. What other kind of relationship is so intricate, so full of love, care and warfare? Such a crazy roller coaster ride with high’s and low’s, looping’s, free fall’s and air time. Fortunately, the ride calms down over time and becomes beautifully smooth and pleasant.

It was a process but today I can say: I love my sister from the bottom of my heart, she is someone I trust to back me up in any situation and she is also the only person I’ve ever had physical fights with in my life. My sister taught me the essential life skills I needed: how to defend your territory, how to compete, how to love someone even though they don’t share a single gummy bears with you and even try to smother you with your own pillow. 

When we finally left the nest, a huge relief for now, stepping out of the shadow of the older sister. Finally a personality of your own and no longer the little one or the sister of… But shortly afterwards you begin to realise how much she is a part of you. How many things you have experienced together, how often you have covered each other’s backs, how you where always there for each other when it really mattered, that she’s your hardest critic but at the same time your biggest fan.

My sister is one of the very few people in my life I really feel I need in order to survive. There are some things that cannot be explained, and it is priceless and uniquely comforting, to have a person in your life who has always known you, who doesn’t needs explanations. A person who’s just getting you!

And by the way this special person is turning 50 today. A very happy birthday hermanita, can’t wait to see you ❤️

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