My new baby…

It has been a long time in the making but here we are. I’m happy to introduce you to “ammann bodywork”. I earned my ISRM BTEC LEVEL 5 professional diploma in Soft Tissue therapy end of last year. I have always had a passion for running, exercise and health. I decided two years ago to turn my passion into a new carrier, went out of my comfort zone and back to school and started to learn something officially that I have already used a lot for myself. And beginning of February I can now begin to offer my services and start welcoming brand new clients!

Soft Tissue Therapy or more common Sports Massage is not just for sporty people. It can be for anyone suffering from muscular pain, general stiffness, or dodgy joints. Regardless of if you are an athlete, a member of your local gym, if you are a charity marathon hero or a weekend cycling warrior, a stressed-out office worker, a frequent driver, a mum on the go, a meadow dog walker or an ordinary human being. I can help you to relief your aches and pain and to bring you back to be your best possible self. 

It would be a great pleasure to welcome you at ammann bodywork! In the meantime, please check out my web side, share and tell your friends and family, especially when they live on the Cambridge area :-). Take care and stay healthy!

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