Teenager N° 2

The first three things that pop up when I think back to when our little girl (okay, can’t use that anymore, she’s almost the tallest of the family) was a toddler and not a freshly baked teenager: her cheeky smile, the cute spiral curls and football shirts. Dimples and cheeky smile are still here, the baby hairs still curl in spirals and a football shirt still makes her happy. I don’t know how many she owns, fifteen or twenty? I’m only talking from the ones in a wearable size and not from the collective ones in the back of the wardrobe.

You’re the bobby in our family, the one that reminds us about speed limit and about being on time, the one that checks carefully what’s allowed and what’s not and constantly supervises all actions so that nobody comes up short or gets too much. And you’re the smarty-pants too, unfortunately and to the general annoyance even though you are mostly right. You’re a talented singer and I love listening to your soulful voice. You showed us that it doesn’t always have to be modern pop, also the classic ones have their charm. You love to do crafts with a lot of passion but not really a lot of patience. I don’t know how many tape rolls, drawing blocs or wood sticks ended up in the bin or how many paint bottles disappeared, and only left some colorful dots, on the carpet btw and not on an artwork.

You not only love football shirts, but you’re a gifted goalkeeper too. Every time when I play with you and when I stand myself between these two white poles with a ball flying in my direction, I flinch from fear of getting hit and hurt. Happily, I don’t get hit often because my ducking skills became quite good over the years. And believe me it hurts when you get one at full bore at your shoulder. I don’t know how you’re doing it but you’re doing it pretty good. One of your other hobbies is rowing and if once this year things will work out like planned, you should be able to participate in your first boat race, fingers crossed.

You’re an unbelievable picky eater except for sweets, there you take everything the sweeter the better. You’re having a soft spot for people in need and social injustice concerns you, you’re a loyal friend and your used socks can be found everywhere in our house, preferably in a corner of your room together with some others, unfortunately not from the same color. You love pineapple smoothie, chicken fajitas, adidas superstar sneakers, our neighbors Sunday roast, and cropped tops, preferably the white one you bought together with Mia years ago. Unnecessary to mention that the top is not really white anymore, but you don’t care, right? Please Mia, visit us soon and take her shopping!

I’m sitting in front of my MacBook, smiling from one ear to the other, unfortunately not fast enough to take a note of all the thoughts, that spin in my head, deeply moved and forever grateful to have such a superb imperfect person in my life. You’re simply perfect the way you are. We love you loads, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. But first off to the London dungeon, greasy burgers, colorful boba teas and some new football shirts. Happy birthday sweetheart.


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