Letter to Santa

I’m maybe a bit late on Christmas eve and I’m sure his quite busy at the moment but no problem at all, he can take care of my wish after Boxing Day, two or three more days doesn’t matter. It’s my first letter to Santa Claus and I’m a bit nervous. In Switzerland the kids turn to the Christkind with wishes and later directly to the person with a well filled wallet but I’m not sure if they could help in this dodgy situation. And I’m not really a religious person because I’m not a big fan of mass movements, or predetermined thinking processes, I don’t like when bad becomes good under the blanket of a questionable higher reign or when you have to decide between sheep and goats. But that is a subject in itself, regardless: I’m a believer. I believe in love, kindness and miracles, in the strength of family bonds, that good friends are half the battle, that modesty gets you further, and that a run or a glass of gin can solve problems, at least short term. And that’s why I believe Santa is exactly the right recipient of this letter. He’s known in the whole world, he has not really something to do with religion, always has an open ear, is an animal lover and he loves summer vacations on the beach. And he’s a guy that can make the whole world happy in a couple of hours, even so the expected PlaysStation 5 is ultimately a cosy pajama or when the longed for check patternd trench coat turns out to be from Topshop . You know what, I don’t care about this and at the moment I would even be thankful for a pair of self-knitted socks.

Therefore, dear Santa I wish I could meet my family and friends again in person and not only virtually, I would love to hug again and to sit on a crowded table, I would love to just spend time with them and have a copa. And I would love to makes plans again, trips, excursions, parties I can look forward to and which do not collapse like a house of cards. And I want to be able to be weak again, to cry when I don’t feel well, and not always have to be strong and to grin and bear it. Am I asking for too much? Maybe but hope dies last and wishes are always allowed, right?. And I promise you dear Santa, if you make this happen for me, I’ll stop with eating up all the Christmas cookies before Christmas eve and i will leave you a few. Or if you’d rather have a glass of gin, no worries, help yourself. Oh and while I’m at it, can you please turn off that completely stupid radio ad from the government, cybercrime and perfect Christmas have nothing in common at all, trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

With this in mind, a very merry Christmas and here’s to a more enjoyable 2021, cheers!!

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