What remains to be said…

Two and a half month passed since my last post, I allow myself to blame Covid, like everyone else is doing. Loads happened during this time but honestly not really a lot that is worth to talk about. Who thought in March that Covid will have the world under control for such along time. During the last couple of months the “initial excitement” about more family time, doing things we never did before, enjoying the small and unusual things and so on is gone. Even for me, a convinced member of the “glass half full” species is it currently really difficult to focus on the positive things and the temptation to dive into the general resignation is huge.

Especially on days like this, when you’re sitting in a cold house because the heating is once more not working and thanks to covid, manpower capacity is limited…, it’s bloody windy, wet and unpredictable outside, I know that has nothing to do with covid but it doesn’t actually helps to boost my mood, oh and by the way, the next lockdown starts Thursday. I feel really bad for all the ones that are directly affected. After months of renouncement, restrictions and adjustments, a new month ahead in which creativity and rethinking must be used to fight for survival. I can only imagine how exhausting that will be, I’m reaching my limits already when I need to keep my competitive swimmer in shape without water. It’s hard to replace something you love with something you weren’t looking for. But enough whining, let’s pull ourselves together, grit our teeth and master this challenge. There is a light after each tunnel!

So, what happened during the last two and a half month? A short summary, using the photo library on my phone as memory aid:

Summer break staycation: filled with countless trips to Bedford, where Leonie was allowed to swim in a lake, two weeks of football camp for Joelle, a day trip to the Hitchin lavender fields, beach trips to Wells-next-the-Sea and Colchester, street art hunting in London, marveling the architecture of Lavenham, stroll through the heather fields of Dunwich, long bike rides and loads of running and last but not least hundreds of dog walks around Linton and Cambridge.

Beginning of September school started again for the girls. Leonie now in year 10 starting GCSE and Joelle in year 8. Football season started too, the new league is super strong and rough but I’m sure with the positive attitude of her fabulous team, determination and hard work, we’re getting there. Leonie went finally back to the pool, unfortunately with horrible training times (4 times a week from 5 to 7 in the morning) but hey, if my fourteen year old can handle that with more or less no moaning, I won’t say anything. Maybe just that I’m not the youngest anymore, that I need my beauty sleep badly and that the genius which said “aurora musis amica” didn’t have the foggiest!

Autumn break is already over too. Amazing how time flies although nothing special is happening. We caught up with friends, that we met in Charlotte and are now living in England (yep, the place to be…), we followed the tracks of the men in tights at Sherwood Forest and we bought Swiss raclette cheese at Borough market in London. This will be on the table tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it. Just had a phone call with a friend, the sun is shining again and I’m going for a run now. Life is still good, just a bit diffrent!

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