Happy Mother’s Day!!

Sunday morning, getting up at 7:30 (literally 6:30, summer time beginning) and first a walk with the dog. When I came back home, coffee, fruits and a lovely poem where waiting for me, happy Mother’s Day!!

Breakfast, laundry sorting and first machine ready to start, wow almost 10, hurrying up to the bus station and a bus ride into Cambridge. 11 warm up for another swim meet starts, someone is swimming and I’m timekeeping and turn judging for the next couple of hours, happy Mother’s Day!!

Almost 7, on our way back home. Preparing dinner, finishing the laundry, tidying up, having dinner and finally a glass of wine. happy Mother’s Day!!

Washing the dishes, answering mails, planing the next day, starting to feel tired and another glass of wine, happy Mother’s Day!!

In the end, time to relax, time to review the day, everything worked out well, everyone is happy, everyone is tired, everything is done. Task performed, being a happy Mom!! That’s exactly what makes me fulfilled, that’s why I have the best job ever, that’s why I’m a happy Mom, not only today. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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