She’s officially a teenager now!!

Leonie, do you know what it means to be a teenager? It’s definitely being a person between thirteen and nineteen but that isn’t all, unfortunately.

Being a teenager is a constant roller coast ride between deep sadness and overwhelming happiness. Being a teenager means falling in love constantly and being always sure that he’s the one and only. Simply to find out that this isn’t the cause, cloud nine and heartache can be so close together, good thing an even better one is normally waiting just around the corner. It means wanting to run away from all the problems that are eating you up inside but everywhere you turn, there’s yet another one. Being a teenager means to learn dealing with way to much feelings and it means making mistakes and to learn out of them, quite painful experiences. It means being scared to grow up because you don’t really know what’s expecting you on the other side of the door.

Being a teenager means learning to accept yourself the way you are, learning to love yourself and to trust yourself. Being a teenager comes with drama and tears and with cheerful fluttering butterflies and unique adventures. Yes my love, becoming an adult is not easy. You need to try out several things and to fail a couple of times until you will find out what and who will make you happy. Being a teenager means to bundle your backpack for your own way through your own life. We will be always there to help and to support you and we will back off if you like to find out something by yourself, likely not always but we’re going to try really hard, promise!

Just be you, sweetheart. Own who you are. Don’t ever give up. Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and that you’re comfortable around. You can do this, just trust yourself. Heads up and keep on smiling!

Shine bright and fly high teenage girl! Happy Birthday! Love you ❤️


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