Beach or rather the mountains? Both!

I always thought I’m a beach girl, for any reason born in the wrong place. I still agree with the beach and sunny and warm weather but it looks like it has to be an island surrounded by beach and sea but with a high mountain in the middle at best snow capped.

I think it’s this unique feeling when you’re standing on the top of a mountain or a high hill and you’re loosing yourself into the view. Looking from above far away over hills, lakes and houses to the next, even higher mountains, majestic. It makes yourself unimportant and humble. Wouldn’t be bad if specific persons would spend now and then some time on a mountain…

On our flight back home after ten fantastic days in the east part of Switzerland, I went through the pictures I took. Ten fabulous days with family and friends, loads of food and great conversations, some hills and every day great mountain view. I have now 44 new pictures, half of them with the Alpstein massif, the rest with family, friends, cows and food. I think that says enough.

My resolution for the new year: to climb to the top of at least four mountains, to spend some days on a warm and sunny beach and to try to be a bit more humble and satisfied.

Cheers to the new year, let’s make it a good one!!

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