Born on 4th of July

A big day for the US, an even bigger one for us: Joelle’s turning double digits!! A pretty illustrious group of people had or has birthday today too: Giuseppe Garibaldi, Stephen Foster, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Calvin Coolidge, Rube Goldberg, Gertrude Lawrence, Gloria Stuart, Nuccio Bertone, Jeremy Spencer, Kerk Pengilly, Henri Leconte, Vicky Kaya, Malia Obama. I only mentioned a couple of them but she’s in good company with presidents, authors, innovators, statesmen, singers, actors, car designers, tennis players, models and president daughters. And yes, today is also the day where the US got the independence from the British Empire = Independence Day.

And our sweetheart is following her Birthday twins: she’s already a car designer (still with Lego but everyone has to start small), singer (thanks god it sounds pretty nice), actor (in many different manner), author (since she learned diary writing she’s unstoppable), “only “ soccer player (I know tennis would once pay off beter but we still hope that women’s soccer will become famous soon…). Oh and yes a model too, you should see my wardrobe and bathroom after she prepared a catwalk together with her friend Mia. And she still has the chance to become a president, only for being a presidents daughter it’s unfortunately too late, sorry.

We love you, sweetie with all your creativity, lifeblood and dreams. You’re  making 4th of July always to a very special day for us, with or without fireworks! So thankful you completed our family 10 years ago and we’re excited for the next year around the sun with you. ❤️


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