From Phoenix to Vegas (1)

I’m really excited about our last big trip before we’re heading over the big pond to the U.K. Our goal: from Phoenix passing Sedona and Page to Las Vegas. Stops included at the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Zion Nationalpark. At the moment waiting until boarding starts. I don’t know how many times I already traveled with an airplane, still nervous and again ready for a restroom visit. When was the last one? About 15 minutes ago… I’m going to feel slightly comfortable when we up in the air and truly released when the seat belt sign turns off in Phoenix. It’s still a miracle for me how this big birds can keep themselves up in the air.

Phoenix, the capital of the US state Arizona and the only US capital with a population over one million residents. We only picked up our rental car (Took as a while… why is the longest line always there where I am? Thanks loads to HERTZ for this unique start into our vacation, 4 hour to manage a reservation not bad,  always a pleasure to make business with you) left finally the airport area (sorry no time for sightseeing) and headed directly further to Sedona.

This cute little desert town is surrounded with red rocks structures, deep canyon walls and pine forests. We discovered some trails of the Red Rocks State Park, the idea was from Buddha Beach over Cathedral Rock back to the car at Crescent Moon, much to the chagrin of my family my scouts skills are a bit rusty and the loop wasn’t really a loop and instead of the planned 4 we made around 10 miles. Finally we found our balance again in the Capel of the Holy Cross, a small capel perfectly integrated in the red rocks scenery, architecture at its best quite contrary to the landscaping of the villa a bit further down.  In the afternoon we visited Jerome, ghost town of Arizona, sounds exciting, right? Once a booming copper mining town, now a melting pot for artists,  hedeonists, hippies and loosers, nevertheless an interesting mix, Not to forget the special vibes you should feel in Sedona. Yes, I felt them: Awe of mother nature, she makes you humble and insignificant. Sedona extremely charming and worth a visit.

Today was Grand Canyon on: 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide and a mile deep, impressive. The when you arrive at the first view point is breathtaking. The hike along the south rim didn’t blow me away, not sure why, maybe because I like more to see upwards than downwards but I’m glad we stopped by and I can cross that from my bucket list. I really enjoyed the ride through the desert direction Monument Valley. I love the unlimited open space, the quietness and the feeling that you’re alone on this planet. All this scattered tiny houses, shabby shops and lonesome gas stations inspire to imagine stories about the people living, working and dreaming there. Now early bed time and tomorrow wide awake at 5:30am at the visitor center for the sunset tour through the Monument Valley, I’m more than thrilled!

Monument Valley provides perhaps the most enduring and definitive image from the American West. This second home of John Wayne and scene of many other Hollywood productions doesn’t look really like a valley, the red rock mesas and buttes rising hundreds of feet in the air are surrounded by flat open sandy and empty desert. The landscape fascinate with their bright and deep colors, no filter needed for stunning pictures and I wouldn’t be surprised when suddenly the sand whirls up and John and his friends gallops around the corner, yeehaw!! The sunrise tour through the Valley was amazing and the Navajo huevos rancheros afterwards delicious. Unfortunately we have to saddle our horses again, a final deep breath and off we go leaving this unique, inspiring place behind.




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