Cambridge, previsit

In a bit more than 10 hours I’ll be the first time in Cambridge, our new home for the next years. I’m still not sure if I should be excited or sad. At the moment I’m both together, not really a nice condition. I’m looking forward to discovering Cambridge, I heard a lot of good things about it but traveling to another continent and leaving my girls back is weird. I know they couldn’t be in better hands but still… just don’t think about it!! And to leave this wonderful country with its amazing people soon, really makes me sad but I know England is beautiful as well and the people are truly lovely, at least those I already know.

Our goal for the next four days: to inspect some houses, to visit the new school, to soak up Cambridge and surrounding and Markus has to work a bit and in the meantime I’ll check out the shopping opportunities… By the way our flight has had a four hour delay, looks like Charlotte isn’t pleased to let us go…

Cambridge is a university city on the river Cam approximately 50 miles north of London. The population is around 124’000 therefrom 25’000 students. And roughly half of them are riding a bike, no matter if it’s raining or sunny. Check carefully the bike traffic before crossing a street and now and then a cow crosses your path because they take care of the lawn in some parks of the city. It’s not the biggest city but there is everything a city needs: quaint streets, nice pubs, restaurants and cafes (no, the British aren’t great cafe makers too but fortunately some Italian found their way into the city), all kind of shops, many galleries and museums and not to be forgotten the famous colleges and universities. Therefore a lot of young people, a lot of different nationalities and various languages. I think I’m gonna like it here.

But first back to Charlotte where I’m going to enjoy every sunbeam I can get, every day where I can wear Flip Flops and every breakfast we can enjoy outside. Gosh I’m gonna miss this weather!!!




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