Happy B’day Sunshine

Twelve years ago our life changed completely. No spontaneous night outs anymore, no sleep ins on Saturday and no couch potatoes Sundays, no monthlong backpack travel trips to exotic countries, bye bye to “my bed is my private island”… Therefore we got the smiling sunshine itself. Your contagious laugh that takes possession of your whole face, sparkling eyes and dimples including, is enriching our life since 4’380 days. I have no idea where the time has gone, you challenged us in ways we didn’t know we could be challenged, you taught us so much and you gave me the best job ever, I won’t change this for the world!

We’re so glad to have you: our swimmer, no green eater, dance dependent, loudly talker, wrong singer, language talent, slime enthusiast, vacation planer (she’s not really spontaneous when she doesn’t know where she will sleep), food isolationist, animal lover, fan from untidy rooms, with two blankets sleeper, nail biter, Risotto aficionada, water rat, shopping queen, gummy bears killer, questioner, crunchy cream eater, YouTube freak (I know, someone has to watch all this intelligent videos), swim suit fanatic, adrenaline junkie, morning grouch, backseat driver, biker and bunny hopper, owner of uncountable sunglasses, root beer drinker, climbing monkey, impatient perfectionist, cheese string devourer (yep, she grow once up with real cheese), pink adorer: a real sunshine with some tiny clouds now and then!

Enjoy your pre-teen year with all the frills! We love you ❤️




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