Mr Right?!

You didn’t walk straight into my heart like you would always belonged to it. All the particular moments we experienced together gave you this special place in my heart nobody else will ever have. There were exciting moments like enjoying the sunset in a hidden bay, reaching the top of a mountain after an exhausting hike, feeding fishes in Ko Tao, singing together at the best concert ever, counting the stars on a camping trip, swimming with turtles and rays in turquoise water, sharing a crêpe flambé, drinking a Moretti under an olive tree, skiing down an untouched slope, building sand castles, running a 4miler together, laughing about a joke nobody else can laugh about and infinitely more.

And all this very special moments where you aren’t sure if you should laugh or cry or both together: making a motorcycle trip without all the necessary buffer, drinking tequila with a gynecologist, moving in our first apartment and finding the biggest mess ever, walking home in wiggly lines after an open air concert, get a speeding ticket in Mexico, driving as a trio on a motorcycle, building a house together, sledging downhill from Hoher Kasten with a baby on the back, locking the door with the key in the lock (I’m still feeling guilty), throwing around with guidebooks, waking up together after one of this epic parties still spinning around, surviving a nightmare journey and and and…

Don’t forget the on-of-a-kind moments: drinking daiquiri at the Zürifest, walking down Gesstreppe and deciding to say yes, go traveling for a month instead of throwing a wedding party, to give birth to a child, to give birth to a second child, their first steps, their first words (now we’re happy if they don’t talk to much), when you recognize that you have your 10th wedding anniversary and you survived the seven-year itch without recognizing, when you find out that you start loving each others imperfections, when the other finished a sentence that you started, when the butterflies still start fluttering around when you’re coming close and the last tremendous one so far: moving together in a foreign country.

And yes, there were also poor moments like a car crash, angina seasons, shouting at each other, disagreements, handling a croup seizure, jealousy scenes, ego trips and others I don’t like to undergo a second time. But they belong to our journey as well and good thing, I know we’re able to handle them too.

All this common experiences makes you to this unique person next to whom I’m happy to wake up in the morning and fall asleep again in the night. Love you ❤️ and I’m looking forward to all the exciting, special and ones in a lifetime moments that are still waiting for us. Happy anniversary rockstar!


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