Presidential Election 2016

Should I write something about the election or rather not? At the end this blog should be a summary about our stay in the United States, good and bad included.

I followed the results yesterday until 11pm, afterward I felt asleep. Today at 3am the pushy sound of my phone awakened me. I was stunned and couldn’t felt asleep anymore. Thousands of thoughts were going around in my head.

After dropped off the girls at school I went for a run, a long run to clear my head. And the result: well, it’s like that and no way for a changes anymore. Time to move on, that’s a part of the democracy too.

No reason to point a finger at the US. There are a lot of other countries which give or gave edgy characters a stage. No reason to point a finger at the losers, the election battle was dirty enough from both sides. And no reason for celebrations, a lot of work must been done before. Make the best out of it and please please surprise me and the world – hope always dies last!

I wish Merica endurance, openness, charity, loyalty and lots of power! I really love this beautiful country and I’m thankful that I can live here. Take care “Land of the free – home of the brave”!

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