The streets of Charlotte

I started with a warm-up at Fairhope Court (our home street and also a town in Alabama: they say it’s the most boring town EVER), then I started running at Landing Green, passed by Abbotsbury Ct (a village and civil parish in England), turned right into Ardrey Kell Rd (also Name of the High School nearby) and then left into Tom Short Rd (an American traveling campus evangelist).

Passed by Humboldt Dr (who doesn’t know Alexander von Humboldt?), then by Red Water Rd and Coral Rose Rd and father into the Arthurian Saga: on Guinever Dr (King Arthurs wife) I passed Sir Lionel Ct (also a figure from the Arthurian Literature) right into the legendary British leader himself King Arthur Dr. On this road I came past Lourdes Ct (a town in France with a healing shrine and the virgin Mary and also the name of Madonna’s daughter), Nimue Ct (the lady of the lake in the Arthurian legend), Stallions Glen Ln (horses couldn’t be missing when knights are near), Chilvary Dr (here’s the group of knights) and Merlin Meadows (the last figure from the King Arthur Saga) then back to normal life on Tom Short.

Short after left turn into Coachman Dr (a man whose business is to drive a coach – a horse-drawn carriage), I came around Stillmeadow Dr, Huntsmaster Dr, Power Mill Pl, Long Needles Dr and Snappfinger Dr, then some steps on Hickory Stick Pl, right turn into Provincetown Dr and left turn into Williams Pond Ln. Stopped by Falling Leaves Dr (year round) and then left into Rea Rd (the only famous Rea’s I know are singer and songwriter: Chris Rea and Rea Garvey but there were/are also barons, a baseball pitcher, motorcycle racers, bankers, reporters, filmmakers, authors, painters, actors and many more. I don’t know who was finally the eponym).

Running down Rea Rd I passed by Reavencrest Park Dr, Camellia Ln (nice flower by the way), Windsor Ridge Dr (unfortunately not the castle),  Bellegarde Dr (welcome back in France) and Southbrook Dr (there are a lot of Southbrooks: I prefer the winery in Canada) Then left turn into Alexander Martin Ave (the fourth and seventh governor from North Carolina), right turn into Alma Blount Blvd (a professor in English literature) and another right turn into Tolleson Ave (a city in Arizona, a full service creative agency in San Francisco, a Texas Ranger Baseball player or simply a normal surname).

Finally some meters on the Flat Branch greenway, left turn back on Ardrey Kell (I didn’t find out wherefrom this name actually comes from. It has something to do with the Ardrey Kell high school, home of the knights, well back to King Arthur…) nope, right turn back home in our neighborhood Hunters Gate.

It’s never boring a run thru Charlottes streets.


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