Getaway to the south

In August we had the pleasure to welcome Bettina Ammann in Charlotte, a very good friend of us. The first week we stayed in the town and made some day trips around Charlotte.

The next week we spent in Hilton Head, an island in South Carolina with 12 miles of beachfront on the Atlantic Ocean. There are not really a lot of things to do. Except enjoying the beach, playing in the warm ocean, reading, biking (on the beach) and most important: eating fresh seafood every evening.

After some relaxing days we made a day trip to Savannah. Established in 1733 Savannah is the oldest citie in the state of Georgia and for me also one of the most beautiful on the east coast. A strategic port city during revolution and civil war and today an important Atlantic seaport. The downtown area has 22 park like squares with fountains, statues, benches and big old oaks with spanish moss. The visitor awaits beautiful architecture, a three story river district, pirates stories, the Savannah college of art and design and various museums. Savannah is a pedestrian friendly city but there are also trolley tours to visit all the points of interest. With a good driver you’ll learn a lot, with some drivers you’ll laugh a lot and with bad drivers you’ll be happy that it’s a hop on/off tour…

On our way back home we made a stopover in Charleston. Founded in 1670 as Charles Town in honor of King Charles II of England, Charleston is the oldest city in the state of South Carolina and for me right behind Savannah with its beauty. The city is known for its rich history, well-preserved old houses, distinguished restaurants and a nice waterfront. Charleston is also a harbor town with one of the largest ports in the U.S. The distance between Charleston and the Bermudas Islands are only 883 mi, so you can do a weekend trip from there to this tropical paradise.

Now we’re back in Charlotte enjoying the last days of this summer break. School and thereby everyday life will restart Monday 8/28. We survived our first long summer break (9 week) happy and with a lot of new experiences and adventures. Thanks to everyone who visited us. It was a pleasure to have you here! 😘

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