Urgent care

Friday evening a glass splinter got into Joelles left foot and all our experiments to take it out were unsuccessful so we headed yesterday morning out for the urgent care.

The urgent care is not the same as the emergency room (I didn’t see good-looking doctors and sexy assistance) because they don’t have so much equipment and possibilities but it’s a good way to treat injuries and illnesses quick and without an appointment.

After some paper work and five minutes waiting time we’re inside. Two women took care about Joelle (take the temperature, check weight and height, control blood pressure as well as blood oxygen content and all the normal questions about allergies, special reactions and so on) and than the doctor was around. He anaesthetized the foot twice, first with ointment on point and then with an injection. Ten minutes after the splinter was out. Band-aid on and we were all set and good to go. The whole thing took us 30 minutes. They made really a good job, thanks! Joelle got two days of no-swimming and much better a big lollipop and two stickers.

Joelle’s walking again without pain and it ends well – it’s really never boring with children.

urgent care 7/9/16

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